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Research confirms that 3 out of 4 visitors to websites arrive from a link on a search engine. In order to translate searches into sales, it’s vital that your business’s website rank in the top ten returns for your targeted keywords on major search engines like Google or Yahoo. Technovate works with your website strategy to optimize its contents to push your site up in the search engine rankings so customers looking for the products and services you offer can find you.

Technovate focuses on maximizing the combined size of all the search engine traffic looking for your product (using the many varieties of keyword combinations) and targets this population through multiple micro-websites. We call this program the: SEO Network Creation - click here to see graphic

This program targets companies focusing on maximizing their web traffic and rankings. Companies can expect to double or even triple their returns compared with a single SEO website effort. We segment your SEO keyword list among a variety of micro-websites to enhance the effectiveness of each of your sites for particular search engine rankings.

Successful companies are already practicing this this on a large scale … take for example and, both owned by the same company. funnels traffic to, increasing both Expedia’s traffic and business. TripAdvisor can be considered a secondary site whose focus is to feed traffic to destination sites like

You, too, can take advantage of the power of this technique on a smaller scale or larger and still reap the same proportional results. By creating multiple micro-websites we can strategically divide terms and keyword families into different sets and target these through multiple micro-website URLs. Below is one example using three websites. Our standard SEO Network uses 8 micro-websites and your main website for a total of 9 websites to give you excellent coverage and a statistical advantage on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

If you’re tired of not getting the SEO results you want to be more aggressive with your SEO strategy, we’ll make it happen for you.

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SEO Services Toronto
SEO Services Toronto
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Sem Vancouver
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