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Introducing ... Technovate's Micro-Website Program

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We’ve had a lot of success with the Technovate Micro-Website Program and we’d like YOU to share in it! With the Technovate Micro-Website program you have the ability to attract new customers that may have purchased from your competitors. Get them ordering from you!

What are micro-websites?

Micro-websites are multiple websites based on a general or a specific theme and replicated
10, 20, 30 times over!!! It’s like having a virtual store wherever there is high volume of traffic of your potential customers. Express websites have countless uses including:

  • Giving your business more presence on the internet
  • Being found more often for so many keyword combinations
  • Taking away business from your competitors
  • Going after niche markets in your industry
  • Testing out different designs, offers and website themes
  • Receiving multiple incomes revenue streams from multiple sources!!!

How does it work?

Technovate Inc. will analyze your site and industry to prepare it for a Technovate Micro-Website Program. We’ve always believed that the best authority on your business is YOU so we will work together to determine the best markets to target your micro-websites to.
Once we’ve determined the market, Technovate will create a simple and clean website design. (If you already have more than one website we can use that too!!!) So what are we talking about? Here’s an example of the main website for a shoe company…

We get this site ranked for general shoe search terms. In this case the Technovate Micro-Website Program would target niche markets (such as men and women’s shoes) and focus on specific search terms…

This means that anyone looking for men’s shoes or women’s shoes will more likely be drawn to your site. It’s also possible to have more than one site rank for the same keyword with this method.

You increase your odds of being clicked on with so many more generic and specific rankings. Beware, your competitors will take notice so be prepared to stay ahead of the game.
If you want to replicate the same general theme countless times over
it works too without worrying about burdening the search engines.

We do ALL the work!!! Be sure to ask us about:
  • Design
  • Name/URL registration
  • Going after niche markets in your industry
  • Hosting

Call a Technovate Inc. Representative for all the Details!!!


SEO Services Toronto
SEO Services Toronto
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