Complete Business Solutions for the E-World!

Technovate Inc. provides effective and innovative solutions for real world business needs. We have integrated our divisions to achieve fully interdependent synergy, which allows us to be resourceful and, most importantly, deliver results more quickly. Our strength is in providing exceptionally skilled talent. Our talent pool includes specialized translators, MBAs, MAs, PhDs, statisticians, technical writers, editors, and SEO specialists.


Technovate SEO


Technovate Translations


Our SEO division provides organic search engine optimization services and programming solutions. We use our effective online marketing solutions to dramatically increase beneficial traffic to our clients' websites. We also provide programming solutions to improve clients' e-business processes. We are innovative and practiced and we always deliver cost effective IT solutions.


Our translation division is a
full-service translation and interpretation agency providing high-quality translation and localization services that are delivered with superb customer service. We translate in more than 150 languages and operate around the clock to meet our clients' last-minute or overseas needs. We've translated all types of complex documents (manuals, legal, financial, marketing, medical, and more) in a wide range of subjects. Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses. Our specialty is delivering high quality documents on time and on budget. We have offices throughout North America to serve you locally, around the clock and with staff on hand to serve you when you need it most. When you most urgently need help ... we're available. There is absolutely no document we can't translate and deliver on time. In fact, if we can't translate it ... no one can. We're extremely fast, efficient, and professional.


Technovate Research


Technovate Scholastic


Our business research and business writing division works with talented MBAs, statisticians, and PhDs to deliver specialized reports about specific trends and business information as well as assisting clients in documenting and establishing strategic plans to grow their businesses. Our writer-researchers consult with businesses and professionals to provide quality custom business plans, financial reports, and technical manuals ready for presentation to any kind of audience necessary. We also have editors who will work with your own materials to improve the message and make them print ready.


Our scholastic assistance division provides concrete support to high school and post-secondary students through a number of avenues. Homework Authority is an online knowledge exchange between high school students and teachers and tutors which provides students with the extra help they need to master their school assignments. Academic Coaching is available one-on-one over the phone in a variety of need-based formats. Weekly Coaching provides students with an assessment and development plan, bringing any and every student up to their highest potential in time for short and long term goals to be met. We also offer stand-alone services such as Emergency Test Coaching and Decision Consultation. Our goal is to provide students with the resources they need to excel in their academic careers.


The Paper Experts




Our academic research and writing division has provided real, practical help for more than 100,000 undergraduate and graduate students. Our model essays have been an immeasurable help to undergraduate students looking for assistance in subjects from anthropology to zoology, and everything in-between. Our thesis and dissertation assistance division is the industry leader in helping graduate and postgraduate students earn their master's degrees and PhDs. From statistical assistance to proper formatting, our experts have helped countless students complete the most difficult documents they will encounter.


Our promotion division assists companies by marketing their events in Toronto and Vancouver via street postering and alternative advertising. We design and distribute posters to promote events effectively. We serve Toronto and Vancouver's large entertainment industries as well as several small businesses that benefit in their growth by using quick and successful street promotion strategies. We also work with media companies and advertising agencies to provide grassroots promotion campaigns for their clients.