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Website Design The Technovate Way

At Technovate website design focuses on a couple of factors to make it the best fit for your business. We focus on usability, appeal and search engine friendliness for a complete website experience. We have a couple of approaches when creating a website, here they are:

Website Modifications

This service lets you modify your present site or make additions to it. We charge on an hourly basis and are able to work with a variety of technologies such as JAVA, PHP, HTML, Flash and more. Many times companies have gone out of business but we're here to help. Contact our office and speak to us regarding getting your website fixed or modified to include new functions.

Micro-Website Design

With our Micro-Website design we focus on search engine friendliness and simplicity to make the suite easy to navigate and great to achieve keyword rankings with. Since you most likely have a main site that focuses on your business we segment your market to attract more relevant traffic. Our sites are simple but eye catching. Call our office and speak to us regarding our micro-website design.

Business Website Design

This design focuses on designing a site that helps your business recreate itself on the Internet. While most businesses' websites are getting outdated we can recreate a fresh image for your company and implement any technologies you presently have running in the background. We'll give you great ideas that'll show you how to use your site for maximum customer experience. Contact our office to speak to us regarding a new website.

Database Driven Website

If you wish to run a database for increased customer experience or a website that helps you run your business then this is the solution for you. The functionality will depend on our consultation with you and how we can streamline some of your day-to-day functions we can automate through your website as well as allow your customers to buy directly from your site. Contact our office and consult with us on the best approach on designing a database integrated website.

Contact Our Office At 1-866-736-5478 For Website Design!

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SEO Services Toronto
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