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When Words Count: How to Write Great Website Copy

If you search through the internet you’ll find many varying styles and designs of websites.  Some are simple; some are abstract; while some make no sense at all.  The same is true of content.  In the end, content is what defines a website’s character and more importantly, conversions.  Here are 3 basic rules to keep in mind when writing for your website:

Write What You Know

The best content will always come from a passionate pen.  Content that is rich in flavor will always be more engaging than a stilted point of view.  Most people tend to create website about things they’re passionate about.  Thus the best content writer for your website is almost always YOU!  However, if you feel that your writing skills lack a certain flair you could always communicate your thoughts through the writing of a hired hand.

Write as Much as You Can

There is such a thing as too little but never too much.  As long as the content is relevant to your website content write as much as you like.  Search engines suggest that around 250 words (a page of copy) per website page is more than enough and the more you have the more chances you have of ranking for relevant keywords.  Anything more than that is a bonus.

Keyword Research Embedded Content Writing

While you should never write copy for the search engines, it’s still important to keep them in mind.  Do some keyword research and find out what keywords are most sought after in your industry.  It’s suggested that the keyword you are optimizing that page for should appear twice within the page but it’s more important to sound natural.  For example, a word like “bolt lightning” which doesn’t sound natural at all can be put in a sentence to read: He was struck by a bolt of lightning.  In most cases (and in Google’s case in particular) conjunctions aren’t counted when typing in keywords in the search bar. 

Simple isn’t it?  Content writing isn’t a complex mathematical formula.  It’s straightforward common sense.  In the end it’s your visitors that will benefit from your wisdom and in return possibly provide free content to your website (in the form of blogs, forums etc.) and pass your site to others as a valuable resource.

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