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You’ve got a website that is indexed well, has lots of links, proper page optimization and is well written. Your website is buzzing with activity non-stop day and night. You’re anxiously waiting to hear from website visitors about your product or service but no one says a word.  If everything else seems to be working but your website fails to convert, you may simply have a website without a focus.


Take a look at your homepage.  This is usually the most trafficked part of your website.  What does it tell website visitors about you?  Do you rant and rave about anything and everything or do you lead website visitors to where you want them to be?  Consider these paragraphs about a financial site…

Finance derives from the Latin and Old French word for fine, which originally meant "end". The French word for finance came to mean both "payment" and "ending", but in the 18th century the English adapted it to mean "the management of money".


What’s the meaning of finance?  Mortgage payments, college education, or a well deserved vacation?  However you define it, XYZ financial services is here to assist you.

So which one tells me more about what it is you can do for me?  The example is a bit extreme but I think you get the point.  Take your website visitor on a ride and make sure they land where you want them to or they might just land on someone else’s website.


This is a very personal question and can only be answered by yourself.  Some businesses want their site to provide automatic website orders, others want it to prompt customers to call in, and yet others are looking for lead generation. Whatever “it” is make sure people know what it is they’re supposed to be doing.  Always ask yourself “If I was a website visitor what would I do now?” Make sure you’re clear in your content about what it is you want them to do and also make sure that the requested action can be completed in as few steps as possible. Most importantly, make sure your action links actually work (sounds like a commonsense suggestion but you’d be surprised how many people forget to double check their links).


You want them to call … but your phone number is hidden at the bottom of the page?  You want them to fill in a quote form … but it’s nothing more than tiny link embedded in your text?  Why would you do this to your otherwise successful website?  If there is an end result to a website visitor landing on your page, make it clearMake it big and bold, put it in more than one place, highlight, repeat, repeat, repeat. 

Turn your website into a star and give it the spotlight. It’s simple: make sure the attention is where you want it to be, and you can be sure visitors will know what to do when they get to your website.

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